The developer, McBride Leasing Ltd., is wholly owned by Stan Tessmer, lawyer, with an office at 272 Bernard Ave., downtown  Kelowna.  Stan received an award from the city for a heritage restoration of the old Rowcliffe Block , as the old brick work was restored and improved upon.  

Stan was born and raised in  Vancouver, and spent years in Kitsilano, Vancouver.  He moved to Kelowna in 1997 and loves this city, although found that his drive to work from Kettle Valley was longer than his drive to work in Vancouver.  He decided that he wanted to live closer to the shops and restaurants in the Pandosy Village area, as well as be able to ride his bike downtown to work.  

Having had Shane Worman build a previous home for him and his family, and having lived in one of Worman’s brick buildings, Stan decided to create a New York style Brownstone.   Worman has an excellent reputation for quality workmanship, and has built a number of brick commercial/residential complexes around Kelowna. The Brownstone promises to be the pinnacle of his Brickmanship.