unit 1 - 2675 gore street - 1911 sq ft

This unit numbered 2675 Gore St, is on the main and second floor on the north side of the Brownstone.  The living area is on the main floor with a floating cement staircase with glass railing going to the second floor bedrooms.   It will have brick and timber features in the living room.    This unit will have folding glass doors opening to a 359 square foot private courtyard fronting onto Gore Street.  Although the artist's rendering shows a half wall, the current plan is for a four and a half foot brick wall surrounding the private court yard.

The garage is 396 square feet and will have a second floor storage area.

Plans subject to change.


                ground floor                                        second floor

unit 2 but actually unit 1.png
unit 2 but actually 1 second floor.png


kitchen plan

Unit 1 Kitchen Plan.png


kitchen plan close ups



Unit 1 Pantry.png


bath and laundry

Unit 1 Bath and Laundry.png